StoneyPro is an all-in-one creative service agency serving small businesses, start-ups, charities, & more.


Gaining exposure for your business by targeting potential customers effectively, precisely, and affordably.

Web Design

Creating and maintaining professional and informative websites to connect your business to the online world.

Video Production

Producing high quality commercials and web videos to increase professional appearance and add legitimacy to your business.

Graphic Design

Building a brand and professional appearance with high quality graphics, logos, and prints. We make it, we print it, we ship it.

We create content that is creative, interesting, and engaging to your consumers. We do it affordably, effectively, and professionally.

About us

We care so much about small businesses because we are a small business.

What Do We Do?

For the better part of the last decade, we've been marketing and advertising for small businesses that thought they couldn't afford it or needed help cutting costs. We also work with Marketing Managers to provide creative services and content such as web design, graphic design, and video production- as well as marketing consulting.

How Do We Do It?

By being creative! The most effective type of marketing is inbound- and that is exactly what we do. We generate interest for your business. We create ads that people want to see. We create videos that people want to watch. We create content that engages.

Why Choose Us?

Our clients have an average return of investment of over 100%. Some have seen as much as 500% increase in sales. And we don't make long-term contracts. We're confident in our work, so why would we try to keep you on the hook for months and months? We want to earn your business every month.

So let us prove it to you. Email us some information about your business. Tell us what your goals are. Our first hour of consultation is absolutely free, as are our estimates. Nothing to lose.

Our Services

  • Marketing

    We create each marketing plan from scratch, after analyzing exactly what your customers are searching for and what they need. Because of this, we have hundreds of different means of advertising your business. We fine-tune each plan to fit any budget and generate measurable results.

    Every marketing plan will come with a detailed monthly report, so you can know exactly how effective your plan is with the budget you have available.
  • Web Design

    Not only do we have white-glove plans for small businesses, but we also offer web development, CMS designed sites, Search Engine Optimization, E-Commerce, and more. Whatever your business needs to grow your online presence, we're there.
  • Video Production

    We've produced high-quality and award-winning videos for many businesses seeking commercials, product overviews, video brochures, infomercials, and even full-length television shows. We offer video shoots, video editing, motion graphics, infographics, post production, and media delivery (such as DVD and Blu-Ray packaging).
  • Graphic Design

    We're well versed in graphics for businesses including logos and branding, flyers, business cards, brochures, merchandising, apparel, posters, and almost anything else you could think of. We also offer printing services with free delivery (in most cases).
  • Anything we forgot?

    We do lots of different things for small businesses that we just don't have time to name, including Professional Photography, Marketing Consulting, Public Relations, Mobile App Development, Audio Production, and more. The best way to see if we can help your business is to schedule a meeting with us. We like to get to know you, your business, and your needs, to figure out what we can do for you.

Contact us

Our services are worldwide, but our offices are located in Gainesville, Florida, USA. If you wish to meet with us in person, send us a message so we can schedule a meeting or answer any questions!

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