Ascend Command


Ascend Leadership and SimsUShare have partnered to provide Ascend Command, an easy to use, reasonably priced tactical simulator that can easily be used by company officers, instructors and candidates for promotion.

Important Info

What makes this different from other tactical simulators?

  • MOBILE USE – take a picture with your smart phone or tablet and add fire, smoke and other conditions right there, do a simulation with your company while at the building.
  • EASY AND QUICK TO DEVELOP SCENARIOS – very simple to prepare realistic looking scenes.
  • WORK SEAMLESSLY ACROSS DEVICES – use digital cameras, smart phones, tablets, laptops or desktops. No CD to keep track of or be limited by.devices2
  • PRICE – Fully operational with adjustable (color, intensity, speed, size, direction) smoke, fire, explosions, gas leaks and more, for Windows or Mac, $44.95.
  • And like other high end tactical simulator software – excellent visual quality suitable for projected imaging in classrooms, stations, or simulation labs.

If you need help with Ascend Command, visit our help page.