Position Specific Training

Ascend Leadership offers custom training/education programs for fire departments, academies, seminars and conferences specific to officer positions or to specific areas of concern.

The Right Seat courses include Make a Decision – from The Right Seat and Lead from The Right Seat. Both classes utilize scenarios similar to those in the DVD series, “The Right Seat – Officer Development Beyond the Textbook”. Like the DVD series, the students are presented with dynamic scenarios that are representative of some of the leadership issues company officers face every day. The students determine (often with debate) how they would handle scenarios, and then compare their findings with recommendations of experienced officers. In both versions the students can gain insight into problem resolution, morale, morality and policy, and much more – all aimed towards leadership. By benefiting from the insights and experience of more experienced officers, the students can be better prepared to handle situations when they face them. For individual departments these can be tailored to local needs and utilize departmental officers, allowing candidates or students to draw on department specific information and experience. Lead from The Right Seat includes more information on developing leadership skills, strengthening desirable attributes of the leader, and the role of the leaders in the societal unit known as “the fire station”.  This course can also be tailored for delivery in a particular fire department. Both courses are excellent for Officer Development or new assignment programs and are available in different timeframes.

Under the White Helmet is a similar program for Battalion, District and Division Chiefs (response and functional area chief officers).

Ascend Command is a tactical scenario program utilizing Ascend Command software. Classes are very interactive and are expandable from initial radio reports and size up to extended operations and multiple alarm responses. Views of the scenario can be limited by individual candidates, with interior companies seeing interior views, the Incident Commander can be limited to a one side or corner two sided view, with appropriate exterior views that personnel operating on a certain side would see.  This custom class is perfect for Officer Development or part of a New Officer training program.

Note: separate training is available on utilizing the Ascend Command software inclusive of building convincing visuals and realistic, scalable scenarios, including multi-view, multi-user. This is normally for a small group of users, but can be taught as part of a seminar presentation. Train-the-trainer classes are also available for The Right Seat leadership programs for departmental, academy or college use.    

Communication Skills for the Company Officer (and chief officer) is available in different timeframes with one and a half hour being an overview that is a very good fit for conferences, up to an eight hour format with multiple exercises that can be an excellent component of an orientation for new officers or for officer candidates. The course is humorous with examples that stress the importance of communications that actually “communicate”.

The Response Chief’s Role in Firefighter Safety & Training” NIOSH has said that Chief Officers need to spend more time training with the members under their command.  Program reviews Training Needs Assessments; Drill Safety Plans (Training Sites, Weather, and Operational Concerns), Assisting Company Officers in Preparation: Supervising Drills; Determining Content and Sources; Delivery Techniques working towards “Combat Readiness”.