The Right Seat – Video Series

In The Right Seat – Company Officer Development Beyond the textbook videos,  Dave Casey and Chris Niebling delve into the world of officer interpersonal skills and decision-making.

Using staged scenarios portraying real-world situations, the videos address various relational issues that company officers face in the firehouse, in the public, and on the fireground.

Each scenario is followed by a panel of company officers including Capt. Mike Gagliano (Seattle FD) and Capt. Mike Dugan (FDNY) discussing how to navigate and address the issues.

The Right Seat – Volunteer Officer Development volumes 1 and 2 bring the same concept directed to the volunteer fire service. Mike Dugan brings his volunteer fire service experience from Long Island and is joined by Gray Young in Volume 1, and then Tiger Schmittendorf joins Dave and Chris in Volume 2..

Each scenario is followed by a panel of company officers discussing how to navigate and address the issues.

The popular FDIC presentation for The Right Seat is now available as video, The Right Seat – Live Class is new for 2018. Unlike the other videos, the class digs into how we learn leadership, and provides more detail in being the officer you want to be – and that your firefighters appreciate and respect.

Also new for 2018 is Dave Casey’s video “The Art of Miscommunication”. A frequently humorous review of common verbal, electronic and written miscommunications and the issues created by those mistakes including errors, confusion, hard feelings, and that even result in injury or death. Includes how to avoid the mistakes discussed, and how to improve overall interpersonal communications.

All are available at Fire Engineering Books and Video


Mastering the Fire Service Assessment Center – Book or Audio CD and Mastering the Fire Service Assessment Center: Tactical Simulation Exercises DVD

By Anthony Kastros

Prepares candidates for the assessment center method as part of a promotional testing process. Kastros’ assertion when writing this book is that candidates need to prepare for the position they are seeking, rather than for the testing process. His writing style is matter-of-fact and often humorous, and will help candidates make the mental paradigm shift from test candidate to incumbent officer.

A section on personal assessment helps candidates take stock of their current status and leadership style. This baseline provides a foundation that inspires questions about real-world scenarios mimicked in the testing arena. A candidate who has thoroughly thought through these scenarios and considered possible solutions and outcomes will be much more comfortable in the assessment center process than one who has simply focused on how to act in the testing environment. Kastros outlines 27 Knowledge, Skills and Abilities (KSAs) spanning the three dimensions of leadership, management and emergency scene operations.

The book contains test exercises, sample problems, rating criteria, scoring sheets, assessor selection, and common pitfalls.

Available at Fire Engineering Books and Video (new second edition 2018)


Live Fire Training: Principles and Practice to NFPA 1403, 2nd edition

By Dave Casey, Susan Schell, Dr. Denise Smith, Mike Kemp, and Brian KazmierczakScreen Shot 2018-08-19 at 11.32.44 AM

All fire fighters need the safe and controlled “real life” training offered through live fire exercises in order to be fully prepared for the hazards of the fireground. Live Fire Training: Principles and Practice provides a definitive guide on how to ensure safe and realistic live fire training for both students and instructors. Based on NFPA 1403, Standard on Live Fire Training Evolutions, this essential resource features:

  • Major changes to the 1403 standard for 2018
  • Detailed instructions on preparing for live burns in acquired structures, using gas-fired and non-gas-fired permanent structural props, and working with exterior live fire props
  • Incident Reports of actual live fire training accidents, including a summary of the lessons learned
  • Current live fire training legal requirements and direction on how to be compliant with industry standards
  • A singular focus on fire fighter safety throughout the text